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Welcome to DetailXPerts of North Los Angeles!

DetailXPerts of North Los Angeles California is a franchisee of the world's first car wash franchise that uses steam for cleaning vehicles and providing other detailing auto services. We specialize in using steam for exterior and interior car wash and detailing.

Our one-of-a-kind methodology for cleaning cars uses the least amount of water - just a pint for cleaning an entire vehicle! So you get superiorly clean auto services without being guilty of aggravating the state's worsening water crisis.

Our Services

Hand Car Wash

When it comes to hand car washing, we claim to be the best! Your prized possession will get the best auto spa treatment this side of California. We'll hand car wash and steam clean it from top to bottom inside and out, leaving you with a truly clean, sparklingly shiny vehicle that you can be proud of.

Interior Car Wash

Did you know that your car's interior is 11 times dirtier than an average public toilet? It can house more than 700 types of germs, allergens and bacteria that can threaten your health and wellbeing. Wipe away 99% of those contaminants with our interior car wash. Our steam cleaners have enough power to kill those health hazards yet gentle on vehicle surfaces.

Truck Detailing

Another one of our famous auto services with which you will experience what it's like to ride a truly clean vehicle that gleams from top to bottom, inside and out. We'll take care of the gory, grimy details so you can focus more on the things you love.

Fleet Washing

Whether you own a fleet of cabs, cars or trucks, one thing is for sure: you need sparklingly shiny vehicles with squeaky-clean interiors to keep those customers coming back for more. But busy schedules and driver availability can sometimes get in the way, right? No worries! Our auto services are mobile so we can come to you when and where you want us to be. So there's absolutely no need to inconvenience your drivers. With virtually no water wastage, there won't be messy pools that may cause slipping accidents. DetaiXPerts fleet washing services is truly a win-win solution!

Superb Customer Service

We believe that excellent service starts with values-oriented, well-trained, well-paid, uniformed technicians. You'll be greeted with a smile, asked politely for further requests or instructions. Rest assured that your car will be cleaned the DetailXPerts way all the time. And yes, our technicians do not smoke while on duty so you won't have to worry about lingering cigarette smells or burnt upholstery.

DetailXPerts of North Los Angeles - where car care is at its best.

Let's Make a Difference!

  • Listen to radio interview with Joe Gonzalez, owner of DetailXPerts of North Los Angeles here

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